Ortus Mining Laos

Ortus Mining Capital, through it's subsidiary Ortus Mining Laos is pursuing the prospecting, exploration and development of mining projects throughout Laos in South East Asia.  The country is rich with potential for more large scale mining projects and we believe with our combination of previous management experience in Laos, mining capability and access to funding that we are well positioned to take numerous projects forward.  Our team on the ground includes experienced local mining experts, expatriate geologists and general management.


'Our management team has decades of experience in the mining industry directly in Laos. With our local knowledge, international backing and laser focus on bringing mining projects to life we will deliver high quality outcomes for partners, shareholders and the country.’


Exploration and Near-Term Production

Ortus Mining Laos has completed numerous site reviews as part of our plan to carry out both exploration and development programs as well as bringing certain projects in to production with a quick path to cash flow. All of our projects in country will be carried out as joint ventures with local Laos companies providing benefit to both companies, shareholders and government.